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Exam Pressure




In addition to the challenges young people face every day and in school, exam periods can be particularly stressful times. Exam stress can occur when a young person feels they cannot cope with revision, and this may lead to worries about failing or not performing to a set standard. Additional pressure to do well in exams from schools or families may cause a lot of stress and anxiety for a young person.


Although it is normal to feel stressed about exams, there are many ways you can make things easier.


Helpful Strategies

  • Be organised – plan in advance
  • Set small, achievable goals
  • Utilise support from friends and family
  • Get into some good habits – these will help concentration and reduce stress
    • Eat well
    • Keep active
    • Sleep hygiene
  • Stress relieving techniques
  • Take regular breaks from revision


There are many resources about exam stress including tips on how to cope. Some are listed below.


Further support, advice and self-help


Childline gives information and advice about exam stress including tips to cope and video resources

Childline's booklet on the 5 P's - Pamper, Prepare, Pace, Perform and 'Phew' -

Stressbusting gives 13 tips on how to deal with exam stress

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust guide for pupils - looking after yourself during your GCSEs