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How You Can Get Involved


We really welcome ideas and feedback about our services and how to improve what we do. We like to hear from young people, their families/carers and professionals.

We regularly have young people and parents/carers give us advice and feedback; from what to put on a leaflet, to how the waiting rooms should look, to making suggestions about the actual services we provide.  

We want to hear from you; whether it's positive, negative or just a thought!



Email if you would like to be part of a participant group for young people and be more actively involved. We are trying to meet every couple of months – also, it looks good on your CV!



We will from time to time put surveys on the website about specific things that we want feedback on.

You will find these on our Latest News blog.



You can post anonymous comments on Health Watch Derbyshire. These arrive to us through the hospital communications team and we then respond to the comments.