learning disabilities

Overview of CAMHS Services for Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities


We provide a service to young people aged 0–18 years and their families across North Derbyshire (excluding Glossop) who have:

Moderate to severe learning disabilities* and challenging behaviours and/or mental health problems and/or relationship difficulties.

For young people with learning disabilities, mental health problems present quite differently to the general population. It can be quite hard (or near impossible) for someone with a moderate to severe learning disability to articulate their thoughts and feelings due to communication impairments.

Therefore, presentations are typically associated with general challenging behaviours such as self-injurious behaviour, hitting out, as well as some more familiar presentations such as becoming repeatedly distressed, anxious or depressed. The LD CAMHS service is primarily based around the mental health needs of the child rather than the learning disability itself.

Referrals can be made by a GP, your school, a social worker or any NHS professional.


* Please note, a 'learning disability' is more of a global learning problem as opposed to a learning difficulty that is more specific, such as dyslexia.