Urgent Care Team (UCT).


Who we are

We offer rapid assessment should someone contact us with serious self-harm, suicidal ideation, or present with acute mental health issues. We will also offer out-of-hours support (e.g. evenings and weekends).

As our name suggests, we aim to deliver urgent care with a rapid response to the needs of young people under 18 who reside in North Derbyshire (including High Peak). We are a team made up of different professional backgrounds and work as part of the wider CAMHS service.


What we do

We offer a rapid assessment within 4 hours should we assess you by phone and you present with issues that are serious enough for us to see you quickly. The team will see you in your community or anywhere else that we think offers you a safe space for you to talk to us. If you are in a hospital emergency department we will see you there. We will respect your confidentiality at all times unless we think you are a risk to yourself or others.


What happens in an assessment?

If we assess you, this means we will need to ask you some questions so we can decide what it is you may need to keep you safe and out of hospital. We will ask questions about your family and your background, but we will also ask you questions about what it is you would like to do and how you feel about your current situation.

Your point of view is very important to us and we will ensure you have a clear voice in your assessment. After we have assessed you it may be that we continue to see you for a few weeks after. This is to ensure you can stay where you live and we can make sure you are well and keeping safe. During this time you might see different people from the team, but we know by experience it can help in the continuation of care that you see the same worker more often. We will discuss this with you when we first meet you.


How to get in touch

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a possible referral. We will ask some questions to ensure you fit our referral criteria. If you don’t fit the UCT criteria, we will signpost you to other suitable support.

Call us on 07901330724 to discuss a child or make a possible referral.

Available between 10:00–22:00, 7 days a week.

Urgent Care Team
2nd Floor, The Den
Chesterfield Royal Hospital
Calow, Chesterfield
S44 5BL