Core CAMHS Team.


Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of different professionals from nursing, social work, psychology, therapy and medical backgrounds.

We have a CAMHS base in both Chesterfield and Buxton.


What we offer

We meet with young people and their families to think together about their mental health and seek solutions.

We offer assessment and treatment of a variety of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, ADHD and psychosis. 

We offer a range of evidence-based assessments and interventions. We also have access to psychiatrists who can do psychiatric assessments if needed and may, on occasion, offer medication as part of a treatment plan. 

The Core CAMHS team also offers the following services:
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What to expect

We will meet with with the young person and their family for an initial assessment that we call a 'CHOICE' appointment. This will be to explore the nature of any mental health difficulty and explore how CAMHS or other services might be able to help. More detailed information on what to expect at your first appointment can be found here.