Psychiatry Team.


Who we are

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has specialised in the area of mental health. Most of our psychiatrists have higher specialist qualifications in working with children and young people. Our Learning Disability psychiatrist has a specialist qualification in working through the lifespan (all ages).


What we offer

Young people may be referred to see our psychiatry team for a number of different reasons; sometimes this is because there are complex physical health issues alongside emotional difficulties, other times a psychiatrist may be asked to see young people where there are particular questions around diagnosis or where medication is being considered as part of a more comprehensive care package.


What to expect

The psychiatrist will introduce themselves and spend some time with you to develop an understanding of your difficulties or concerns. They may need further information or appointments to help them to make recommendations about the right treatment/management. A first appointment might last for 60–90 minutes. The psychiatrist will work together with you to make decisions about care and provide you additional information about possible treatment options. Please also think about any questions you might like to ask or things you wish to tell them.